Ephesians Security, Co- Founder & Director of Sales & Marketing is Mark Perry; Mark has a four year degree from Livingston University. Where he was also a member of the LU basketball team. He taught school and coached football and basketball. He later moved on to sales and was a leading salesman for several companies. Because of his sports background Mark incorporates a team concept with Ephesians Security and its clients. Mark has been with Ephesians Security since the beginning where he has consulted and participated in literally hundreds of drills, exercises, and audits for all types of clients including vessels, waterfront facilities, Ports, and oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. Mark has also helped with the training and development of hundreds of security personnel all over the United States. Ephesians Security is currently providing compliance to many facilities throughout the southeast, gulf coast mid-America and the north east locations. Ephesians Security has the knowledge and experience to conduct your drills, exercise, audits or training requirements and provide a comprehensive analysis of your companies security posture. 



Ephesians Security Co-Founder Joseph Powell has been involved in the Law Enforcement industry for over 19 years. Joseph first started his career in the U.S. Coast Guard where he served for four years along the Mississippi Gulf Coast enforcing multiple federal regulations. From there Joseph was accepted among an elite cadre of individuals to join the U.S. Secret Service. 

While in the U.S. Secret Service Joseph was assigned to the Foreign Missions Branch Operation Center, UN General Assembly Operations and various Presidential Campaign event in 2004. He was also responsible for the developed risk assessments to better evaluate weak points in security for multiple foreign missions and liaised between state and local police while assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force “JTTF”.

In mid-2007, Joseph felt a need to return to Mississippi and use his skills obtained in the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Secret Service to better enhance critical infrastructure along the Southeastern United States. At that time, he joined Maritime Defense Strategy LLC. Since then he has conducted over 1000 safety/security audits in reference to the Maritime Transportation Act 2002 and the Oil Pollution Act of 1990. Joseph has also investigated safety/security violations and prepared after action reports specifying preventive action to be taken, provided TWIC training and implantation assistance for over 300 MTSA regulated facilities with a 100% success rate within the scheduled timeframe, provided Safety/Security Risk Assessments and Analysis, has been responsible for the creation, implementation, and maintenance of over 250 Facility Security Plans, and has facilitated and developed over 2000+ security drills and exercises for over 100 companies nationwide, and has trained of over 1,000 security personnel in the subjects of:

  • Knowledge of current security threats and patterns;

  • Recognition and detection of dangerous substances and devices;

  • Recognition of characteristics and behavioral patterns of persons who are likely to threaten security;

  • Techniques used to circumvent security measures;

  • Crowd management and control techniques;

  • Security related communications;

  • Knowledge of emergency procedures and contingency plans;

  • Operation of security equipment and systems;

  • Testing, calibration, and maintenance of security equipment and systems;

  • Inspection, control, and monitoring techniques;

  • Methods of physical screening of persons, personal effects and baggage.

Along with these attributes Joseph brings a Bachelor’s Degree in Homeland Security & Emergency Management from Ashford University. That is why it is one of the reason why he has founded Ephesians Security.

"Ephesians Security provides excellent work and are very knowledgeable. Their compliance audits are very extensive and help ensure the client understands not only what is required but why and what you can do to meet the requirements. Great company and good people to work with."

Rob Carney- Ergon Refining- Vicksburg, MS