cyber security

Ephesians cybersecurity

Providing the world with services that make deeply interdependent critical systems safer, more efficient, and more profitable.

Ephesians Security provides services in cyber hygiene and vulnerability assessment. The company can provide
collective training events, assistance in incident response, security operations center (SOC) protocol and services, network defense solutions, forensic analysis assistance, help with reporting/mitigation solutions, and governance, risk mitigation, and compliance (GRC) strategies. 

The company’s partners and network help conduct defensive operations, actively monitor for internal network threats, conduct incident response activities to mitigate active threats, effectively utilize and leverage intelligence, counterintelligence, law enforcement, and military capabilities within each perspective authority, conduct information management, identify gaps and shortfalls in defensive cyber operations

"Ephesians Security provides excellent work and are very knowledgeable. Their compliance audits are very extensive and help ensure the client understands not only what is required but why and what you can do to meet the requirements. Great company and good people to work with."

Rob Carney- Ergon Refining- Vicksburg, MS